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New!!! PDF-Analyzer 5.0 - The freeware version

Now with unicode-support for the newest pdf-specs up to 256-bit-AES!

The Freeware-version...

With the PDF-Analyzer you have an informationstool specially for pdf files. An indispensable tool for everyone who's working much with pdf files, it will be appreciate, if one - without starting large pdf-applications - e.g. in the Explorer (context menu) can see directly all worth knowing of a marked pdf file.
That reaches from the document informations e.g. titles, topic affiliation and page layout or also pagecount of a file over security-relevant things such as data compression and copying permission or also encryption strength and password use up to the file attributes! Additionally the program offers text extraction and text-analysis of the selected pdf files and xml-export of the shown attributes/properties.
It's a two-way-tool... You can use it from the explorer contextmenu and "stand alone" as a "PDF Browser", too. If one found a desired file, it can be started immediately over a linked reader (e.g. the Acrobat reader). If you want to use another pdf-reader you can fix this with a config-file, now.
Both program versions are working with the new pdf-specifications and are using 40- and 128-bit-encryption with AES/MD5/RC4.
Pdf-documents created or modified by the PDF-Analyzer are readable and ready for further modifications for Adobe Acrobat-products up to the actual version.

The Pro-version...

The Pro-version offers additionally the resetting/deleting of unknown main passwords,
modifications for all relevant document-, security- and file-properties.
There are further functions such as textanalysis,
40-, 128- and 256-bit-encryption (RC4 and AES),
set and remove for known user- and main passwords,
merging of pdf-files (for whole directories, too!),
attaching additional files (images or an exe-file for example) to your pdf,
inserting/appending images and txt-files,
removing single layers of a document,
a comfortable searchfunction for the whole directory (and subdirectories),
fulltextsearch, a comfortable watermark-/logo-function,
extraction for text, javascript- and rdf-(xml)content,
making your own notes inside the file,
automatic pdf-generation for images (jpg, gif, bmp, tiff, wmf, emf and png),
separating, copying and deleting of single or more pages of a pdf-file,
splitting a pdf-file in an index- and a content-part for really fast web access,
an exportfunction for whole directories with pdf-file-data in xml- and csv-format,
the creation of longer textnotes which will be shown while opening a pdf-file,
modifying the document-, security- and layout-attributes,
extraction of embedded images from a pdf-document,
automatic creation of images (jpg) from each page of a pdf-document,
passwordsetting (user and master) and for example preventing the print- or copy-functionality for pdf-files are Pro-Version-features! ...
Free email support. Lower (at least 50%) update prices. Automatic information (by email) when there is a new update!

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