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Appvisor: PrPages as pad-file ...

PrPages - coloured or b/w pages?
PrPages helps to calculate your printing costs regarding pdf-documents!
Royalty free!

New version 1.2 out now!

Problems around printing ... solved by PrPages

The calculation of printing costs for pdf-documents separated for each serviceline or department in a company is always a problem. How many pages - coloured or black & white - were printed?
Which were the dimensions of the printed pages?
Which are the responsible company departments?
And finally: Who should be responsible for the costs of new toner cartridges?

It's easy to use

PrPages - For save determination of used colours and the dimensions on a pdf-page!
PrPages - For all applications and workflows in 32 - and 64-bit Windows environments!
PrPages - A commandline-exe means comfortable and easiest usage!
PrPages - The csv-format of the delivered results means easy further processing!

For all 32-/64-bit-windows-versions!
For all programming languages that are able to call exe-files!
For all script-languages (for bat-files, too)!

Please read more in PrPages_How_To_Guide.pdf...
Please read more in PrPages.txt.

There are further options how everyone can individually process the results of PrPages without using special tools... please see my blog post:
PrPages - individual enhancements...

What the other ones are telling about

Softpedia (www.Softpedia.com) - The encyclopedia of free software downloads!
A very reputable company and since 2001 on the market wrote an own review about their experiences with PrPages:
A lightweight and easy-to-use command prompt tool that can help you calculate printing costs for a large number of PDF files in a simple manner
Please read more ...

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